Quality in Food!


Unidex specialises in the distribution of exotic foods focusing on the European ethnic market.

Our years of experience in importing and exporting with partners over the entire world have led to a wide variety of African, Caribbean and Asian quality products. We offer exclusive brands, tailor-made concepts as well as options in private labeling.

We supply from wholesale, retail and ethnic supermarkets to mom-and-pop stores throughout Europe and beyond. Regardless of ethnicity and origin we maintain a high standard of customer service and respect for individual values.

Unidex is registered by SKAL Unidex is registered by SKAL On the 24th of October 2013, Unidex BV received the Organic Certificate by the president of SKAL biocontrol. More Unidex acquires AEO status Unidex acquires AEO status Unidex has been appointed the AEO status by Dutch Customs. After a project of three quarters of a year we've been handed the certificate by the teamleader of the Schiphol area customs department. More