Fola Foods

The yearning for quality and competitive West African food products in the late 90’s across Western Europe gave birth to Fola Foods brand, which was founded by Musty and Elizabeth Ahmed. The name Fola was chosen as it is the abbreviation of the typical Yoruba name ‘Afolabi’, which means ‘born in wealth and high status’, and stands in this case for the desire for (financial) success. Initially the focus was on poundo iyan, and later products like ijebu gari, yam flour and beans were added to the product range. Later, as there was a high demand for micro toxin free spices, a spice range was added. Nowadays Fola Foods of the few Nigerian exporting companies trading in indigenous food products to be awarded with a ISO 22000 quality assurance certificate and a real trendsetter in terms of quality, packaging and competitiveness.