Sutharos products are produced from raw materials from Thailand and prepared using traditional Thai recipes, a combination that assures all Sutharos products have the typical Thai aroma’s and authentic Thai taste. As the recipe has not been adjusted according to local (European) flavours, consumers can prepare Thai dishes that taste the same as in Thailand in the comfort of their own home. Also the quality is a very important aspect of the Sutharos brand. All Sutharos products are 100% natural, free from preservatives, flavour enhances or colourings. The cooking sets and curry pastes are gluten free. Sustainability and respect for nature are part of the brand’s identity. The name Sutharos is a combination of the words “Sutha” (“the land”, on which the raw materials grow) and “Ros” (‘the taste”), which is why the slogan “The Taste of Thailand” fits very well with the brand.