How can I become a customer?

You can become a customer by sending us your company details through the registration form and email this to with your request to be registerd as a customer. The sales manager of your area will contact you soon to make an appointment.

Become a customer

Where can I find your pricing for the products?

You can find the prices on your pro-forma invoice, order confirmation or after the delivery on your invoice. There are no prices on our shipping documents.

Why are there no prices shown on the website?

We supply to a variety of companies all over the world in small and bigger quantities. Our prices depond on order quality and logistical costs. This is why it’s not possible to communicate one price for everyone. We would like to make the best offer for every customer. If you have a specific request please let us know so we can send you a personal offer.

Do you deliver to consumers?

We do not sell to consumers directly. Wecan only deliver goods to registered companies.

I would like to make a delivery how can I get in contact with the right department?

In case of a delivery announcement you can contact directly If you are a supplier and you want to supply new products to us you can send your company information to

What are the visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are from 8 AM till 5 PM.

I have a complaint about my delivery or a product.

If you have a complaint about your delivery or products please contact your regular sales contact so they can solve the problem. In case there is damage is due to shipment please inform the driver and mention this on the shipping documents.This way we can solve your complaint more quickly.